Need some diet inspiration? Need a laugh? Need to read about someone else’s experience of IBD so you don’t feel quite so alone? While IBD is often referred to as an ‘invisible’ disease and public awareness still has a way to go, there are still plenty of resources out there in the ether of the interwebs. Trouble is, sometimes these valuable resources can be tricky to find so we’ve done the hard work for you! Here’s a roundup of our favourite tummy-friendly blogs.

My Cranky Gut: Misadventures with Crohn’s Disease and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Damion’s blog chronicles his experience of living – and eating – with Crohn’s disease. He offers an interesting perspective on the illness and often discusses the drugs and medical treatments he takes to keep his condition stable. The story of his diagnosis may resonate strongly with some sufferers and he uses his blog to explore the ups and downs of trying to integrate Crohn’s into his life. Damion follows the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) as part of his symptom management plan and he often blogs SCD restaurant reviews as well as sharing his own SCD recipes.

A Life of Sugar and Spice

Jen’s blog is a very personal look at the life of a ‘Crohnie’ (as she calls herself). In the mix with the usual suspects (gluten, sugar and dairy-free recipe posts) are some very personal reflections on her health and how IBD affects her daily life and plans for her future. She discusses her fears about starting a family, her wedding planning, medical tests she’s undergone and managing her Crohn’s symptoms without medication with the support of her doctor.

Inflamed & Untamed

Sara lives with “Crohn’s disease, a j-pouch, intestinal dysmotility, and autoimmune arthritis.” Originally Sara was misdiagnosed with ulcerative colitis. On her ‘Inflamed & Untamed’ blog she writes about living with a j-pouch and being generally fierce, determined and awesome in the face of some pretty heavy health issues. Despite her health problems, she tries to keep things in perspective:

“I live life to the fullest on the days that I can, knowing that hospitalisation could be (and usually is) just around the corner. Living with Crohn’s disease isn’t easy, but it made me pretty awesome!”

Sara is also passionate about raising awareness of IBD and volunteers with the CCFA as well as running a YouTube channel with a focus on her IBD lifestyle. Sara’s passion and enthusiasm is infectious and she really tells it like it is, there’s no mincing of words on her blog which is really refreshing. Her blunt and honest accounts of her illness provide a window into her experience. She’s full of tips on how to maintain good self-esteem, navigate work and relationships and crusade for greater public awareness of IBD.

These blogs are all great for when you need some inspiration, information and sometimes just a laugh. Some blogs act as community portals and provide an opportunity for you to reach out and connect with folks in similar situations to you, which can help you, feel supported and less anxious and isolated.

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